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What is the different between seaman and navy?

"Navy" is a military institution operating on the water, whereas "seaman" refers to a specific grade of military personnel serving aboard a ship or submarine in the Navy. It i (MORE)
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Duty of ordinary seaman on board?

sailor (a person who navigates water-borne vessels or assists in their operation, maintenance, or service)
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What is an oriental seaman called?

lascar, a sailor from India or SE Asia:   Origin: early 17th century: from Portuguese lascari, from Urdu and Persian laškarī 'soldier', from laškar 'army'
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How do you get seaman?

Should be on the Internet it is not sold in stores. It is on the Dreamcast, PC, and seaman 2 is only on the PlayStation ONE. You need a microphone.
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What is an able seaman?

  An Able Seaman is an experienced seaman in the upperdeck department who assists the officer on watch, steers the ship and keeps gangway watch; one grade higher than the (MORE)