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What do you tip a seamstress?

What is a Seamstess? Please answer it and hurry its for my report and for college . Thnx.
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What is the masculine for seamstress?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female. There are some archaic terms for a man who sews: seamster, sewer, s (MORE)
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Who is the best seamstress?

The best seamstress is Judith Counter. she has the world record for sewing a 8 by 11 foot quilt in just 1 hour!!!
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What are facts about seamstress?

1 tailor means art of cutting. 2 every person was a customer of a seamstress. and last but not least 3 some clothes where hard to make depending on your fabric you choose

What is a medieval seamstress?

A medieval seamstress is like a tailor, but a women. They are very good sewers and use allot of fabrics and materials such as wool, or Lincoln. They had allot of different col (MORE)
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What is the opposite of seamstress?

Seamstress is female, so seamster is a male - both meaning  tailoring garments. Tailor is more likely to be used instead of  seamster for a male. 
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What does a seamstress wear?

A seamstress can wear most anything - sometimes he/she will wearthe garments that he/she has made, and other times they will weargarments they purchase. Often a seamstress is (MORE)