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What are seaplanes used for?

Answer . \nThey allow use of water as an airport, essentially eliminating the need for runways to be built in remote areas of the world..
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Why were seaplanes made?

Answer . Sea planes are useful because they do not require a runway. They can be landed on any body of water with enough space.
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How do you make a paper seaplane model?

Search for 'card models' for listing of paper models, ready to print, cut out and glue together. Fiddeler's Green ( has a lot of neat aircraft mo (MORE)
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How do seaplanes float?

I am not a 100% sure, but seaplanes push water behind them to go forward.
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What is a seaplane?

A seaplane is an airplane that can land on and take off from a water surface under its own power. (Many airplanes can land on water, like during an emergency, but cannot take (MORE)
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What is the average speed of a seaplane?

This is a generalization, but the majority of "seaplanes" are basic, single engine aircraft like Pipers or Beechcrafts with pontoons rather than wheels. Such planes have a nom (MORE)
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What are the advantage of a seaplanes?

Seaplanes can be used to access remote areas that are surrounded by water. E.G. Islands, remote parts with rivers and even ships.
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Where can one get seaplanes for sale?

Seaplanes are on sale from many different stores and retailers. Some examples of stores that have seaplanes for sale include Seaplane Market and Aerotrader.