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How can you get Google search?

visit google webmaster tools if you are a webmaster associate your  website with google and submit sitemap in google webmaster tools.  google index the pages then your websi (MORE)
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What was it that alchemists were searching for?

Most alchemists were generally searching for an object called the Philosophers' Stone. It was reputed to be able to transmute (Change) one element in to another. Usually commo (MORE)

How do you search using a search term?

 If you want to search a keyword which is written in URL type  google search= "keyword"  If you want to search forum site which is written in URL type  google search= inu (MORE)

What did Daniel Boone search for and were did he search?

D. Boone was a "wonderer" he travelled for the sake of adventure and seeing new lands, peoples, animals, trees, mountains, valleys, rivers, creeks, etc. When a village got "pe (MORE)

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What is a search engine?

A search engine is a software program or script available through  the Internet that searches documents and files for keywords and  returns the results of any files containi (MORE)

What is enterprise search?

  Enterprise search is the ability to access and search all content within an enterprise. This normally applies to large systems within companies (such as an intranet or o (MORE)

How do you search on Google?

Google search is a selectable search on most major browsers.  Alternatively, you can go to where the default page is  the search. Typing misspelled words in the s (MORE)

What are search engines and what do they do?

Search engines are computer programs that search the world wide web and document and sort information. They provide a listing of websites and web pages that meet the requireme (MORE)