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How do you search?

There is a blank space in the tool bar at the top or bottom of the computer screen. It may be marked Search or with a small magnifying glass, Yahoo, or Google. If you are look (MORE)

What was Columbus searching for?

Columbus set out to discover new trading routes in the west. He  believed that since the earth was round, a ship could reach the Far  East and set up trading routes in Asia (MORE)

How do you search using a search term?

 If you want to search a keyword which is written in URL type  google search= "keyword"  If you want to search forum site which is written in URL type  google search= inu (MORE)

What is a Google search?

  Go to and you can type in anything and it will tell you or show you things about it. You can search a map.
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What searches many search engines?

There are differen kinds of multiple search engines:,, are searching both Google, yahoo, bing at the same time, and give results f (MORE)

What did Daniel Boone search for and were did he search?

D. Boone was a "wonderer" he travelled for the sake of adventure and seeing new lands, peoples, animals, trees, mountains, valleys, rivers, creeks, etc. When a village got "pe (MORE)

Does there have to be a search warrant for a probation search?

No, you consented to that possibility when you signed your  probation papers. Instead of going to jail you voluntarily  submitted to being overseen and monitored by the prob (MORE)

What is web search search engine?

A Web search engine is a Web site that returns an ordered list of  hyperlinks to Web pages based on the characters, words, set of  words or phrase the user has entered into (MORE)

What is search elf?

It's a search tool.. For those who have Internet explorer... Do a search on ELF* when you get the list delete all files... The go into control Panel, Add/Delete Programs and R (MORE)
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How do you search a PDF?

Usually I will add command "filetype:PDF" in search engine. Take Google for example, type the command "filetype:PDF" + what you want to search. All the result will be PDF fi (MORE)