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What is a search?

Computer Search: A search is the scanning of files within a folder or hard drive to find a particular item. Keywords are needed to identify the item being searched. Internet (MORE)

How do you maximise search in search engine?

1. Add quality content often 2. Get backlinks (with keyword as link anchor) from related sites 3. Submit site to directories, search eengines and social bookmarking sites (MORE)

How do you search your computer search history?

If it hasn't been erased you could search all cookies and it will tell you what site the computer has been to. You could also locate at the top of the internet browser a secti (MORE)

Does there have to be a search warrant for a probation search?

No, you consented to that possibility when you signed your  probation papers. Instead of going to jail you voluntarily  submitted to being overseen and monitored by the prob (MORE)

How do you search?

There is a blank space in the tool bar at the top or bottom of the computer screen. It may be marked Search or with a small magnifying glass, Yahoo, or Google. If you are look (MORE)
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What do search and rescuhelicopters search for?

Search and Rescue helicopters, although experimented with in previous wars, were born & pioneered in the Vietnam war. The USAF & USN primarily used Search/Rescue choppers for (MORE)

What searches many search engines?

There are differen kinds of multiple search engines:,, are searching both Google, yahoo, bing at the same time, and give results f (MORE)

What Does A Search Engine Search Do?

A search engine does not discriminate between good and bad sites. A search engine may or may not list thousands of unordered search results. And a directory is someones attemp (MORE)

How does search engine searches a word?

First, search crawlers reads texts on a webpage and stores it in a huge database. When a user queries on the search engine, it will find the match for the word that is searche (MORE)

How do you do a Will search?

I'm not sure whether you mean search for a Will of someone deceased or how to search how to get your own Will completed, so I'll answer both. You can first see if the indivi (MORE)