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Why do we have seasons?

We have seasons because Earth is tilted on its axis and it revolves  around the sun.   During May, June, and July, the northern hemisphere is exposed to  more direct sun (MORE)
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What is a season?

A season is something that happens due to the earths axis. When the axis tilts and the UK faces the sun it will be summer and when it faces away winter. A season results in lo (MORE)
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Why have seasons?

You are the dumbest person i know. Do you know that the earth rotates around the sun in an ellipse form? the further and closer it gets to the sun changes the season for d (MORE)
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How do you get a season?

you get a season by the temperature : if its cold you get winter and winter is a season > if its warm and hot then you get summer and summer is a season as well and ect...

How do we get seasons?

You get seasons by God changing the weather. The world rotates but the sun does not so when the Earth is on a dark side it gets cold because there is no sun too heat us up.
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What are our seasons?

Spring is comming , after The spring Festival ,Love the pure White snow in the north of China , and also love the warm weaher in south of China , all the flowes is browing and (MORE)
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Why do we have seasons'?

It's because the Earth's polar axis is tilted so that in summer the North is tilted towards the Sun, and in the winter the South is tilted towards the Sun.
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