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How much are Marine Second Lieutenants paid?

That will depend on how long they have been in the service. The link below will take you to a military pay scale chart- a 2Lt is an O-1 on the chart (not an O-1E, that is a 2L (MORE)

What is the life expecantcy of a second Lieutenant in Vietnam?

During the Vietnam War, and in previous wars fought by the United States Army, such as the Korean War, WWII, WWI, Spanish-American of 1898, etc. Leader's have received some of (MORE)
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How you can be second lieutenant?

become Well, you'd have to go though US Army Officer Candidate School (after college), US Army ROTC (during college), or apply and be accepted to (and graduate from) the Unit (MORE)

What is the meaning of lieutenant?

    Literally, "in place of" - i.e. an official holding a post in place of somebody else, such as "lieutenant governor". It is used as a rank in many armies and police (MORE)

Does a Second Lieutenant salute a First Lieutenant?

Yes. A matter of military protocol. The First Lt. outranks the Second. It really shouldn't be a big deal, Usually done in formal situations, but in most cases no one is going (MORE)

How much money does a second lieutenant of the air force earn?

Go to this web site. There are all military branches. This is only part of the equation. You also need to know where you (MORE)

Is lieutenant a higher rank than first or second lieutenant?

i think so. cuz in movies u nevr hear any1 address a first or second lieutenant This depends. Second Lieutenants and First Lieutenants are both addressed verbally as "Lieuten (MORE)