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What is the second largest asteroid in the solar system?

Depending on what you view as an asteroid. The second largest non-Dwarf Planet KBO is 2007 OR 10 (this is a fairly newly discovered object and is based on some guesswork) fall (MORE)

What is the second to smallest planet in your solar system?

Earlier, Pluto was the smallest planet and Mercury was next. Now, Mercury is the smallest planet and hence, Mars is the second smallest. Now that Pluto has been reclassified (MORE)

What system does down syndromes effect?

Down Syndrome Effects: An Introduction Though their average life expectancy has risen to the mid-50s, people with Down syndrome are still at risk for Down syndrome effects in (MORE)

What is a syndrome?

A syndrome is a collection of recognizable features, behaviors, signs and symptoms (as reported by a patient) which frequently occur together and can be observed or detected c (MORE)