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Shiite and the Sunni sects?

shia and sunni have mostly same beliefs but shia believe after death of prophet God select the successive of prophet who is the leader of Muslim community and people can not (MORE)

What is a sect or cult?

Sect is a break away as subset of a community with its own distinct custom,religion worship ,rituals. It has social sanction. Cult on the other hand is the practice of a ritu (MORE)

Are Jehovah's Witnesses a sect or cult?

That would depend on how you defined those words. A sect means a group that has broken away from another established religion. Jehovah's Witnesses are not a offshoot of anothe (MORE)

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Are Deobandi a deviant sect in Islam?

Absolutely Not , Proper Name for Deobandis are Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammat Deoband . Means people who Follow Proper Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Sallahau Alayhi Waslam) ,Deviant (MORE)
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Identify the four sects of Judaism?

  In fact there are a number of movements within Judaism. The three main ones are: Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform.   Within Orthodox Judaism there are several 'sect (MORE)

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What is the oldest Christian sect?

Nearly all Chrsitians today believe that the Christian sect that led eventually to the Coptic Church and then, following the Great Schism, to the Roman Catholic and Orthodox C (MORE)

How many sects are in Hinduism?

Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma, 'the eternal law') has four main  denominations. The religions denominations are: Vaishnavism  (Vishnuism), Shaivism (Shiviti), Shaktism, and Smar (MORE)

What are the different sects of Sunni Muslims?

Sunni Islam IS itself a Sect of Islam. The subdivisions of Sunni Islam are properly termed as "Schools of Jurisprudence" or in Arabic Madhaaheb al-Fiqh (مذاهب الفقه) (MORE)

What are the differences between the Christian sects?

There are five major sects in Christianity and some say even more,  but the easiest way to break up Christianity is into these five  categories: Orthodox, Catholic, Protesta (MORE)