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What are the Jewish sects?

Answer 1   Sect is a pretty strong word. Jews prefer the term "affiliation"  because every affiliation of Judaism is interconnected to every  other affiliation; and ther (MORE)

What are sects of religions?

A 'sect' is a subset, segment, or smaller group within a largerone. So, for example, the Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists,Presbyterians, and Catholics are all Christian sects.
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What sect is the best?

Shia Muslims are the best. Answer you yourself should think and decide based on investigation and knowledge, not what others say. Shia and Sunni have mostly same beliefs a (MORE)

What are sects and cults?

The word 'sect' first appears in the works of the Jewish historian Josephus to describe a 'school' of Judaism. It was subsequently used in Acts of the Apostles, once again wi (MORE)

What is a sect or cult?

Sect is a break away as subset of a community with its own distinct custom,religion worship ,rituals. It has social sanction. Cult on the other hand is the practice of a ritu (MORE)

Are the Mormons a sect?

No, not technically. A sect is a group which has broken away from another group. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church) did no (MORE)

What are Baha'i sects?

There are Orthodox Baha'is. There are also some other Baha'i sects.  The main one follows the Universal House of Justice in Haifa  Israel.
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