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What does sectarianism mean?

The term is generally applied to the religious groups formed by some narrow-minded so-called 'Religious Scholars' having a little knowledge of the religion as a whole. The fol (MORE)

What are the effects of sectarianism?

Sectarianism is a means of dividing, separating, and grouping things. While this may be great for dinner items (keeping the pees away from the mashed potatoes), it is not alwa (MORE)

What causes sectarianism?

It's when two sides are fighting and their religions are brought into it. I think that's it. I'm learning about it now in class. And there's that question there too, and th (MORE)

What is Sectarian Shinto?

In the modern era Shinto-derived religious organizations can be broadly divided into two types, namely "sectarian Shinto" ( kyōha Shintō ) and "Shinto-derived new religi (MORE)

What are the consequences of sectarianism?

The consequences of sectarianism are many and varied. "Sectarianism" refers primarily to the myriad of Protestant sect that arose after the Protestant "reformation." To unders (MORE)

What is the punishment for sectarianism?

It is not a crime to belong to a sect or to act in the interest of the sect to which you belong, however, in a certain poetic sense, there is a punishment for sectarianism, wh (MORE)