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What is a seder?

The word 'seder' means order. The seder is a religious service heldin the home during Passover where the story of our exodus fromEgypt is recounted. The recounting of the exod (MORE)
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What is the Passover seder?

It is a meal at which special symbolic foods are eaten and the Exodus is retold at length.
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What is the Seder feast?

The word 'seder' means 'order'. It refers to the religious service held in the home on the first night of Passover (in Israel) and the first two nights of Passover (outside of (MORE)
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What is the significance of Seder?

The word 'seder' means 'order' and refers to the religious service held inside the home the first night of Passover in Israel and the first two nights of Passover outside of I (MORE)
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Is there a Christian Seder?

Some Christian congregations seek to find meaning in the Jewish celebration of Passover by engaging in "seder meals" that try to replicate the Last Supper which, according to (MORE)
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When does a seder occur?

Generally it occurs only during Passover, a Jewish holiday. There is also a seder for the holiday of Tu Bishvat, but this seder is rarely observed.
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When was the first seder?

The first seder happened on the eve of the Exodus from Egypt. Tradition puts the date at 1312 BCE.
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What is seder for Jews?

The word 'seder' is Hebrew for 'order'. The Jewish Seder is the ceremonial meal in Passover, during which, according to a set of ancient customs and text, we recount the Exodu (MORE)
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When is passover Seder?

The holiday of Passover officially begins on the evening of Monday, March 25th (in 2013). Most people who celebrate Passover will have a seder either on the 25th or the 26th. (MORE)
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What do you wear at a seder?

A passover seder is a religious event and you would normally wearthe same type of clothing that would be worn to the synagogue or ata sabbath meal. Guests who are not familiar (MORE)