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What is a sedimenter?

A sedimenter is also called an agglomerater and is used to removeexcess water from diesel. This process uses a mesh filter and abowl to remove the water.
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What is sedimentation?

Sedimentation is the settling of suspended solid particles in a liquid under the influence of gravity.Sedimentation is the tendency for particles in suspension to settleout of (MORE)
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What is sediment?

Material that settles to the bottom of a liquid; lees. For the definition of sedimentary rock, use the link below to the related question.
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What are sediments?

Sediments in geology are solid fragments of inorganic or organic material that come from the weathering of rock or biological processes and are carried and deposited by wind, (MORE)
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What does sedimentation do?

Sedimentation is the process where particles in suspension cansettle out of the fluid where they have been transported, and beginto rest on a barrier.
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How does sediment produce more sediment?

i do not believe that sediment can produce more sediment. the sediment forming the Florida platform were made from marine animals. there shells and skelatins and calcium car (MORE)
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What is a sedimentation?

All the river carries certain amount of silt eroded from the catchment area during heavy rains and deposition of the silt takes place it is called as sedimentation.
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What is sedimention?

the process of settling down the solid particles to the bottom of the liquid is called sedimentation
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Can sediment dissolve?

Sediments can dissolve if they are water soluable, meaning they can be dissolved by water. Ex. Halite (salt).
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How did the sediments get there?

sediment is basically eroded rocks and other materials that have became weathered down to almost nothing. so when the wind blows or rain falls on something, it breaks down and (MORE)