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What groups were most often arrested under the Sedition Act?

The groups most often arrested under the Sedition Act were  immigrants from countries including Germany. They were often  wrongly accused of spying.
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Pros and cons of the alien and sedition act of 1798?

Pro- In order to maintain peace with the central government and the  people, Adams passed this act forbidding anyone from publishing or  voicing criticism of the federal gov (MORE)

What do mean by the sedition act of 1870?

it was a act passed out by the british government in india so that anyone who has betrayed the british or tried to over throw british rule could be arrested and killed withou (MORE)

Why did the federalist promote the alien and sedition acts?

The Federalists promoted the Alien and Sedition Acts because it worked against the Jeffersonian Party. Many immigrants favored Jefferson's point of view. Keeping them from be (MORE)

What was the presidential power given by the alien sedition act?

The Alien and Sedition Acts were a series of acts signed into law  in 1798 that was designed to give the federal government more  authority to deal with foreign nationals. T (MORE)