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How does your pet grow on wizard101?

You will need to train it; it will not die or get sick if you leave it alone, but if you want it to upgrade you can play the games in the new Pet Park in the Commons. After a (MORE)

Do you gain weight when you work out because your muscles grow and if so how long before you see weight loss results?

You gain weight if you are trying to grow larger muscles. I went from 212 to 260, this was all muscle and losing my gut.   * If your worried about gaining weight just do at (MORE)

Are pet rats a good pet?

It depends really. I had rats before, and am getting a couple more soon. They are friendly, sweet and fun to play with. They are active at day. They can be trained to do trick (MORE)

How does your pet get married on pet party?

You will have to go through step by step to get married. 1. Find a pet that you may be intrested in. 2. Visit their house. 3. Look at the side and see if the other pet i (MORE)

How long can pet snakes grow to?

There are many different species of snakes which are kept as pets, ranging from tiny thread snakes of only a couple inches in length on up to the reticulated python, the longe (MORE)

How do you get friends in pet pet park?

You click on the third button with the 3 blank people to the right of the Chat Bar at the bottom on the screen. After you click on the button, you will see a little blank bar (MORE)