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Why does my cat's tail shake when she sees me or when I pet her?

Your cat's tail may quiver when she sees you because she is  trembling with excitement. When a cat sees a bird or mouse their  tail sometimes will quiver in excitement. A qu (MORE)

How does your pet grow on wizard101?

You will need to train it; it will not die or get sick if you leave it alone, but if you want it to upgrade you can play the games in the new Pet Park in the Commons. After a (MORE)

How long can pet snakes grow to?

There are many different species of snakes which are kept as pets, ranging from tiny thread snakes of only a couple inches in length on up to the reticulated python, the longe (MORE)

How long does it take for a chicken smoothie pet to grow?

The growth of your Chickensmoothie pet will vary. If you want to know the average growth rate, go to the adoption center. Click on the pet type who's average growth rate you w (MORE)

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