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Does sees candies have gelatin?

  no only the big round ones. which are the scotchmallow. if you break them you can see white stretchy ones.That is the marshmallow.
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How do you get free candy from a candy mechanie?

1. First of all, make sure no one is watching you for it may be changed. I'm sure it will work on most machines(not tested on multi). 2. Put in a dollar or enough to cover (MORE)

What are the candies in candy shop war?

Moon Rocks, Shock Bits, Flame Outs, Melting Pot Mixers, Frost Bites, Creature Crackers, Mirror Mints, Proxy Dust (and Doll)Iron Hides, Peak Performance Gum, and Brain Feed
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Can dog s see ghost?

  yes, a dog can see a ghost. If you don't believe me, you could go on youtube and type dog sees ghost to find out the answer. there are alot of dog sees ghost videos.
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How much was candy in the 1960's?

  Back in the 1960's a Hershey bar was a nickel.It's a dollar or more now.
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What is in candy?

  candies have sugar which you have to disolve the sugar in milk or water to form a surup which is boiled till the disiered thickness.the type of candy depends on the ingr (MORE)

What is Prescorps Inc?

It is a scam, not a real company. DO NOT deposit their check (it will bounce) and do not send them any money via western union or cashiers check. They bank on you sending them (MORE)