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What is a seed?

A seed is the product of plant fertilization. . It is the "vessel" in which combined genetic material from bothparent plants (in the case of cross-pollination) or single pare ( Full Answer )
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What does a seed do?

Every seed contains an embryonic plant that needs certainconditions to sprout and grow, and food for the seed to use untilit forms into a plant. Seeds will germinate when they ( Full Answer )
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What do seeds do?

seed contain the mixed/ hybrid genetic information of one generation of plants and provide the mechanism for the transfer of this information to the next
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How are seeds and seed plants different?

seeds are what is given of by plants so that they can grow again so seed plants are plants grown by seeds. the reason we say seed plants is that some plants are grown by roots ( Full Answer )
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Is a banana a seed or seed pod?

it is the seed pod/ fruit. the seeds are found in the centre of the fruit, the seeds do not mature and are normally observed small dark specks
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What makes a seed a healthy seed?

The biggest factor in make a healthy seed is how the the mother plant was cared for.
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Where do you get seeds?

You get seeds at Walmart, Target, Walgreens,and maybe CVS Pharmacy.Where you usually go to get food is where you get your seeds from. .
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Why do seeds need seeds to grow?

I don't know why a seed would need a seed to grow. it is a seed! a seed does need water, oxygen (it will only need the carbon dioxide from the oxygen to give us the waste whic ( Full Answer )
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Can you eat seeds in seed banks?

No. Seed banks are for preserving species in case of an emergency. Many are endangered and sometimes poisonous. You would get in trouble if you were to eat them without permis ( Full Answer )