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What are the causes of seedy toe?

It can occur as a complication of chronic laminitis with rotation and sinking of the pedal bone (P3 or distal phalanx), followed by secondary infection. It can also occur in n (MORE)

How do you use the word seedy in a sentence?

Well seedy means that something is kinda iffy or gross.. Say you see two homeless men walking down the street and they look dirty and mean, youd call them seedy.. Or the nas (MORE)

Sentences for Seedy?

The bum was a seedy remnant of the days when they rode the rails.George did not think that his suit jacket was seedy. His wifedisagreed.

Seedy used in a sentence?

When the real estate agent took me to see an apartment in a bad section of town it didn't surprise me that the apartment itself was seedy and rundown.

What is the treatment for seedy toe?

Seedy Toe can be treated by getting the horse's hoof a good natural trim and keeping up on it. This should allow the hoof wall layers to re-attach as the hoof grows out and th (MORE)
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What is a seedy lobster?

A female lobster that has eggs (or "seeds") all over it's underbelly. It is illegal to catch seedy lobsters, they are supposed to be thrown back into the ocean.

Is seedy toe painful?

Seedy Toe happens when the hoof separates from the wall because of illness or injury. The most common cause of seedy toe is laminitis. The seedy toe is not painful, but the co (MORE)