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Why is important to seek patients conscent?

That is a very broad question. I am not sure if that question is for a specific procedure, but the ultimate reason for a consent is to assure that the patient approved the pro (MORE)

What is a sentence for seeking?

Yes, I am still seeking employment. It is just fascinating to observe flamingoes seeking food.
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What salary are you seeking?

I would expect a salary which reflects the experience and qualifications that I bring to the role. What range do you have in mind?
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What is hide and seek by imogen heap about?

I think this song is about a divorce but from a child's point of view. "trains and sewing machines"- as in train of a wedding dress and the machine that made it. "all thos (MORE)

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Why seek employment?

  providing for self and family   achieving a better satus   seeking independence   helping others   learning new skills   developing the country   do no (MORE)

Why did japan seek an empire in the 1930s?

Japan sought after an extended empire in the 1930s, in short, because of the Great Depression in America. Japan had virtually no raw materials of its own and therefore had t (MORE)

Why do people seek employment?

To get money from the employer to do various activities like pay bills, go on vacation, buy clothes and food, basically just to enjoy life and have a better position in life
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What you are seeking in your career?

Things that no longer so easily exist!! Security; stability; certain work opportunities; good remuneration that is consistent. In addition, I would want to engage something of (MORE)