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What is a sentence for seeking?

Yes, I am still seeking employment. It is just fascinating to observe flamingoes seeking food.
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What salary are you seeking?

I would expect a salary which reflects the experience and qualifications that I bring to the role. What range do you have in mind?
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Why seek employment?

  providing for self and family   achieving a better satus   seeking independence   helping others   learning new skills   developing the country   do no (MORE)

Who owns the Seeking Alpha blog?

  Seeking Alpha is a community for investors, bloggers and others to contribute articles related to the financial indistry. The site is free to read and to contribute to t (MORE)

How do people seek human rights?

People can seek human rights in many ways such as -petitions -protests -violent acts or measures -refusing to work (i.e: strikes) -government resistence -leading campaigns Peo (MORE)

What is opportunity seeking?

An opportunity seeking businessman or not a businessman, uses their  skills to takes up opportunity on which they can perform well  that's what it means.

What do the separatists seek?

There are various separatist groups that seek various goals. For  example, the Puritans were separatists who wished to separate from  the Church of England. In modern times, (MORE)

What you are seeking in your career?

Things that no longer so easily exist!! Security; stability; certain work opportunities; good remuneration that is consistent. In addition, I would want to engage something of (MORE)
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Is seeking an adverb?

No, seeking isn't an adverb. An adverb is an adjective which describes a word. For example, running 'quickly' or smiling 'happily'.