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What is segregation in biology?

Segregation in biology is The separation of alleles for the same  trait during meiosis.
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When did they start segregation?

in 1998 Soon after Blacks were emancipated from slavery, every State enacted some law or another to " keep Black people in their place ". From separate public facilities, to s (MORE)

Segregation is defined as what?

Segregation is the separation of people into racial groups without  reasonable justification on the basis of discrimination. Racial  segregation is outlawed in the United St (MORE)
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What are the consequence of the segregation?

  Segregation insulates the rich from the poor and alows the rich to feel better about themselves. the consequenses are always that those that are forcibly segragated are (MORE)

What is waste segregation?

Waste Segregation is dividing waste into dry and wet groups. Dry  includes woods, metals and glass. Wet usually means organic matter.
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What is a segregation Scheme?

segregation scheme is the process of separating things from the main body and collect in one place.
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What is Garbage Segregation?

well segregation is to put off in an area just by itself so garbage segregation is to collect garbage and put it in an area where it is alone its kind of like catagorizing som (MORE)
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Why do we do waste segregation?

  It enables more of the waste to be recycled, which reduces the drain on resources and energy when new stuff is being produced. It also reduces the amount of stuff that h (MORE)

Why is segregation wrong?

because blacks whites and different races should not be judged by the color of there skin because god made us all equal and we should have all equals rights
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