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What is data segregation?

Data segregation is certain data that has been restricted to  certain users for view. Data can be filtered so that only the  resources that are available to the individual w (MORE)

What was segregation like?

Blacks were not treated well even after the emancipation proclimation whites still treated blacks bad. Seperating them from everything they do and sometimes not aloowing black (MORE)
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What is the definition for segregation?

  The act of separating a group. Set apart from the rest or from each other; isolate or dividehazardous waste needs to be segregated from ordinary trashSeparate or divide (MORE)

Why did segregation happen?

Because African Americans used to be slaves. When Abraham Lincoln became president, his plan was to stop slavery from spreading but the Southern states thought he was going to (MORE)
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Who ended segregation?

Segregation Laws were ended by the movement that was created by the  courageous people like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, etc.
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Where did segregation come from?

Segregation started after the civil war and was used to separate  A.A (African Americans) from white people. This was a common  practices by many in both the north and south (MORE)
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What is spatial segregation?

Spacial segregation is the segregation of different people in  residential settings. Spacial segregation includes racial,  religious, and economic separation of persons.

Why were schools segregated?

Schools were segregated in the mid to late 1800s/early to mid 1900s becauase, well almost everything was segregated. laws were passed that whites had to be separated [segregat (MORE)
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What was segregation?

Segregation was the state and national law of separating "coloured" people from white people. Those who were oppressed often had much worse facilities, could not visit better (MORE)

What is Catholic segregation?

Roman Catholic Answer Usually "Catholic segregation" comes about because Catholics used to buy homes as close to a Catholic Church as possible, so, you would find pretty much (MORE)