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Who was president in the 1920s?

  Answer   Woodrow Wilson - March 1913 to March 1921 Warren G Harding - March 1921to August 1923 Calvin Coolidge - August 1923 to March 1929 Herbert Hoover - M (MORE)

Canada in the 1920s?

starting in the 1920`s there was an economy boom. all the new technology and resources created new opportunities for the average citizen. people started to invest in the stock (MORE)

What was the food in the 1920s?

Molded/fruited Jello-salads,   fruit cocktail,   sliced pineapples & bananas (maraschino cherry ok) Deviled eggs,   mac and cheese   olives,   pickles,   s (MORE)

What is the English translation of Sehnsucht by Schumann?

  Hi-Sehnsucht was the driving notion behind much German romantic art, literature and music. There is no adequate translation, but people use "longing for the unattainabl (MORE)

What was KDKA in 1920?

The KDKA was the first commercial radio station, causing more radio stations like it, giving the people of the United States access things such as music, news, weather, speech (MORE)