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What did sein fein believe in?

Sinn Fein is an Irish nationalist party whose electoral fortunes have increased in the Irish Republic and the six counties since the Provo IRA have given up their freedom figh (MORE)

Did Edith Piaf sing a song called La Seine?

  Yes, my 6th grade French teacher loved to play it for us. I can only remember parts of how it goes, but she certainly sang it beautifully.
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How do youthful rivers mature rivers and old rivers differ?

youthful river: erodes deeper than wider it flows quickly narrow and straight few tributaries mature river: erodes wider than deeper not steep has many tributaries old r (MORE)

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What river is the father of all rivers?

The Father of all Rivers is known as The Mississippi River. But the Father of all rivers worldwide is the Nile.
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When can the river called a dead river?

  The Nile is not a 'dead river' however, any river would be considered a 'dead river' once it was incapable of sustaining any form of life such as fish and aquatic plant (MORE)
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Why cant you drink the water in the seine?

  The Seine is in a big city and so is an easy target for much human waste and as a result bacteria.
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Where is seine river in Paris?

Seine River flows through the center of Paris France is the second longest total length of 780 km, watershed area of ​​7.8 million square kilometers. Main source of the (MORE)