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What is a good seinen anime?

Ergo Proxy , Ghost in the Shell (films and series) , Cowboy BeBop , Samurai 7 , Tehxnolyze , Kino's Journey , Paranoia Agent , Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo , Serial E (MORE)

When to use seinen in German?

Seinen is a form of "his." You would only use seinen in a couple of cases. The first would be the accusative case where his would be attached to an indirect object. Example: (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Seinen no isu - 1962?

The cast of Seinen no isu - 1962 includes: Tomio Aoki as A hooligan Shinsuke Ashida as Managing director of Nitto Electricc Co. Izumi Ashikawa as Tomiko Iseki Chieko Misaki as (MORE)
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Wodurch erlangte Manchester im 19. Jahrhundert seinen Reichtum?

Die Stadt Manchester erlangte ihren Reichtum im 19. Jahrhundert durch den Baumwollhandel und die damit verbundnene Textilindustrie. Die Stadt war so weltbedeutend in dieser Hi (MORE)