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Did you have a seizure?

No. But if you did, it would be important to see a physician, preferably a neurologist - in order to obtain proper diagnosis (as there are many types of seizure disorders) and (MORE)

What is seizure activity?

The most commonly known seizure activity is convulsions, loss of consciousness, black outs, a blank stare. Other types seizure activity consist of dizziness, Strange sounds, s (MORE)

What is a seizure?

A seizureseizureseizure is an involuntary behavior that occurs abnormally and are generally associated with epilepsy, but can come from other sources. Epileptic seizures are c (MORE)

What is a absence seizure?

An absence seizure is a brief period of unconsciousness (usually 5-10 seconds) when a person appears to be daydreaming or "spacing out." They do not fall over the are just unc (MORE)

What to do after a seizure?

What SHOULD you do, if someone else has a seizure? If the person falls down and becomes unconscious: 1. Note the time. 2. Clear the area, to prevent injuries. 3. Roll the pe (MORE)

What can cause a seizure?

Flashing lights , stress , and some types of liqhts . liqhts at my school made me start having seizures again . those are some of my triggers .. but im sure there are more .
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What do you do if a person has a seizure?

When a person begins to have a seizure: Do not panic.Call 911 or your country's emergency service line -- early on.Note the time the seizure started - you may be asked later (MORE)

How can you know if you are about to have a seizure?

Some people with seizure disorders report that they have an unusual sensation, called an aura, before a seizure begins. Other sufferers have no signs that one is coming. Some (MORE)