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What is a seizure?

A seizureseizureseizure is an involuntary behavior that occurs abnormally and are generally associated with epilepsy, but can come from other sources. Epileptic seizures are c (MORE)

What to do if someone has a seizure?

Stay calmPrevent injury During the seizure, you can exercise your common sense by insuring there is nothing within reach that could harm the person if she struck it.Pay atte (MORE)

What is seizure activity?

The most commonly known seizure activity is convulsions, loss of consciousness, black outs, a blank stare. Other types seizure activity consist of dizziness, Strange sounds, s (MORE)

How do you get a seizure?

seizures happen for all kinds of reasons, i was an epileptic for 4 years and i would have seizures when i had exited or over active brain waves. I wouldn't be able to move, my (MORE)

Did you have a seizure?

No. But if you did, it would be important to see a physician, preferably a neurologist - in order to obtain proper diagnosis (as there are many types of seizure disorders) and (MORE)

What to do after a seizure?

What SHOULD you do, if someone else has a seizure? If the person falls down and becomes unconscious: 1. Note the time. 2. Clear the area, to prevent injuries. 3. Roll the pe (MORE)

How do you have a seizure?

Your body stalls and your heart stops circulating your blood, this is why defribilators are used to "shock" people awake. Your heart also responds to electricity so if you eve (MORE)

A seizure can be a signs of?

REcurring seizures would indicate that you have epilepsy. There are many forms of epilepsy and many causes of it. There are also many types of seizure. For each individual tha (MORE)

Dog has had a seizure?

Yes, dogs can have seizures for a variety of reasons. If your dog has had a seizure, it is highly recommended to take it to the vet immediately. I had a dog with canine epil (MORE)