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How are judges selected?

Judges are voted into office during elections in cities and  counties. These judges would have had many years experience as a  lawyer in order to be eligible to run for judg (MORE)

Who selects the governors?

In the US, state governors are chosen by popular election. The people choose governors.
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Selective breeding and natural selection?

Selective breeding is when a species is purposely breed to have certain characteristics. Ex. lots of dogs are breed to have a shiny coat, of a certain color of fur etc. Natura (MORE)

Natural selection and artificial selection?

Natural Selection- Where the species develops immunity to the detrimental vagaries of its environment or becomes extinct because of it. Artificial Selection- Where someone i (MORE)

What is being selected in natural selection?

The individual, or the genes of the individual. All organisms are variants in phenotype and behavior. So, natural selection is the immediate environment these organisms are (MORE)
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What is a selective incentive or selective benefit?

Selective incentive: Benefits that ca motivate participation in a group effort because they are available only to those who participate, such as member services offered by int (MORE)

What selects in artificial selection?

Something "artificial," as opposed to "natural." In general, man is considered the artificial selector when it comes to animal husbandry or the creation of new plant hybrids.
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