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What are the reflex and reflex arc?

A reflex is basically an automatic response, something you don't control e.g. your eyes blinking or you hands move away from a hot object. Mainly reflexes are there to prevent (MORE)

Is knee reflex a somatic reflex?

  yes, the knee relfex felt when tapped just below the knee cap on the patellar tendon is a somatic reflex which is a contraction of skeletal muscles. the opposite would b (MORE)
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What are reflex arcs and reflex actions?

sometimes the involuntary response produced by central nervous system(CNS) is very quick. such a response is called reflex action. The pathway followed by the nerve impulses f (MORE)

What is chewing reflex?

it is the reflex initiated by food entering the mouth. 1. food enters mouth and lower jaw drops open 2. opening of lower jaw initiates a strecth reflex in muscle that are res (MORE)

What is a gag reflex?

The gag reflex is a type of reaction that often occursautomatically in the body. It occurs in the throat due to itÊnotwanting to or not being able to swallow.

Where are reflexes?

  Some reflexes can be on places such as the mouth, legs, and arms. They are everywhere on your body. For example, when you touch a hot stove with your elbow, it will have (MORE)

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