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How old is Harry Gordon Selfridge?

Harry Gordon Selfridge was born on January 11, 1858 and died on May 8, 1947. Harry Gordon Selfridge would have been 89 years old at the time of death or 157 years old today.
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Was Harry Gordon Selfridge jewish?

No, Jews did not name their children after living people, there would not be Sr. and Jr.
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Why would you like to work for selfridges?

Selfridges is one of the top stores in the world and I've always been impressed and fascinated by its name and reputation. As a customer as well as the team member of Selfridg (MORE)
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When was the Selfridges store opened?

The 'Selfridges' store was first founded and opened in 1909. Since then it has made new stores in locations such as London, Birmingham and Manchester.
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