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Which type of pronoun always contains either self or selves and refers back to the subject?

Those are the reflexive pronouns that 'reflect' back to the  antecedent.   The reflexive pronouns are: myself, yourself, himself, herself,  itself, ourselves, yourselves (MORE)

How do unicorns protect them selves?

  Unicorns protect themselves by using the horns on their heads. Their horns contian magic... they also use there bodies(hooves, teeth, strength, etc;) like horses... they (MORE)
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How do beluga whales protect them selves?

Belugas always travel in very large groups and mostly their pure white skin helps them hide beneath the think layer of ice using a camouflage sort of thing. This helps them st (MORE)

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When was 9-1-1 started?

9-1-1, usually pronounced Nine-One-One (unlike nine-eleven which is  pronunciation for the terror strikes), was introduced some time  around the middle seventies; maybe arou (MORE)
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What are the codes for 1 on 1 soccer?

The Beatles team - thEbeAtleS The Rolling Stones team - thERStoNes Wall - floSATball Fly - flyiSgmoDE Bowling ball - bOwliSbaLl Tennis ball - teNniSbaLl Beach ball (MORE)

What did vikings do to entertain them selves?

All in all the Vikings were a tough crowd not into crewel work or macrame. Based on Valhalla, where they wanted to go after death, they spent a lot of time drinking, eating an (MORE)
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What is gravida 1 para 1?

Agree... se below and anything less than 20 weeks is abortion, above 20 weeks regardless of the outcome is para. Gravida number of fertization, so it is posible for para=gravi (MORE)