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What are semaphores?

Answer . \nClick on the link to your right for the answer.. Answer . Signaling devices, typically to give permission to go ahead or to stop, but can also have other m (MORE)
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What is semaphores?

Semaphores are any means of communication when flags or lights are employed to communicate . For example , semaphore flags are used to convey messages from one ship to another (MORE)
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What is semaphore?

Semaphore was a process of communication using flags to send messages,primarily between sailing vessels. Based on the positioning and patterning of the flags, messages could b (MORE)
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When was semaphore invented?

Semaphore, sometimes described as the "optical telegraph," wasfirst developed in the late 18th century by French inventor ClaudeChappe. He sent his first successful message ov (MORE)
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What are semaphore?

In computer programming, a semaphore is a method of synchronizing access between asynchronous threads of execution to a shared resource. Consider software which responds to a (MORE)
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What are Linux semaphores?

Search Google with: "Linux semaphores" and have a look through the websites on the subject.
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Why are semaphores used?

In computer science, a semaphore is a protected variable or abstract data type which constitutes the classic method for restricting access to shared resources such as shared m (MORE)
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How does a semaphore works?

you use your hand to go up and down on the rod which can get slimmy
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What are the uses of semaphores?

Semaphore is a machanism to resolve resources conflicts by tallying resource seekers what is the state of sought resources, achieving a mutual exclusive access to resource (MORE)
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What is weak semaphore and strong semaphore?

strong semaphores specify the order in which processes are removed from the queue, which guarantees avoiding starvation. Weak semaphores do not specify the order in which proc (MORE)