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How do you clean semen?

It depends on what sort of surface you have it on. Clothes it's easier to put into the washing machine or if you dont have time put a scoop of powder in(boiling) hot water in (MORE)

Is semen toxic?

Generally no. There may be a very small number of people of both sexes who might be allergic to a given males semen, but it would be a very small number. It's just protein and (MORE)

What is semenancy?

In general semenancy is the the use of semen in divination or magick. Most commonly, semenancy involves the interpretation of semen splatter patterns for purposes of foretelli (MORE)
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How do you get semen white?

Not every ones teeth are white, not everyone is 6' tall or white or blond or Brown eyed. Why would you expect everyone to have white semen? Semen is what it is, it is part gen (MORE)
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What if you have no semen?

Semen comes with puberty. You may not have finished puberty yet, so don't worry too much. If you are older, it's possible that medication or even your general health can aff (MORE)
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What is in a man's semen?

its an organic fluid secreted by the gonads, along with the 600 million sperm cells it also contains proteolytic and other enzymes as well as fructose to provide the spermatoz (MORE)

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