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What is the definition of the word semiautomatic?

Semiautomatic or semi-automatic An automatic machine or device is able to operate independently of human control, and a "semi-automatic" version would or might require separ (MORE)

Is the Barrett 50 cal semiautomatic?

Barrett makes a range of .50 rifles, some of which are self loading (semiautomatic), and some of which are bolt action. The most famous of these rifles is the M92/M107, which (MORE)

What is a semiautomatic gun?

Semiautomatic = when you pull the trigger, it fires one round and automatically reloads the next but does not fire again until the trigger is pressed again.

Who invented the semiautomatic rifle?

In 1884, American-born inventor, Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim, developed the first semiautomatic rifle, when he modified a Winchester rifle so the power of the recoil would eject t (MORE)
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When were semiautomatic available?

Modern semiautomatic weapons became available around the turn ofthe 19th century. Early in the 20th Century, these types of weaponsbecome widely available. Although revolvers (MORE)
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What is a non semiautomatic pistol?

A single shot pistol, a Derringer and even a revolver aretechnically NOT considered semiautomatic. To be semiautomatic, the weapon would need to use the energy from aprevious (MORE)

How many semiautomatic rifles in the US?

No specific information, estimated at multiple millions. The semi-auto rifle is NOT a new invention, and has been produced for a little over 110 years. There are approximately (MORE)
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What is a semiautomatic weapon?

A semiautomatic weapon is one in which one bullet is firedeach time the trigger is pulled, until the magazine is out ofbullets.. These types of weapons are often called "au (MORE)