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Why are the valves called semilunar?

semilunar valves are called semilunar because they look like half a moon. If something is not full in biology it is called 'semi' and lunar means the moon. So basicaly its cal (MORE)
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When are the semilunar valves open?

Semilunar valves are open when the blood is being pumped. The AVvalves are closed when the semilunar valves are open.
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Where is the semilunar valve located?

There are actually two. The aortic and pulmonary semi-lunar valves are located at the exit of their corresponding ventricles (of the heart) and open to allow blood to exit the (MORE)
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Where does blood flow after the semilunar valve?

After the semilunar valve, blood goes in two places (due to the fact that there are two semilunar valves). There is the aortic valve and the pulmonary valve. The aortic vavle (MORE)
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When does the semilunar valve open?

The semilunar valves or the Aortic and Pulmonary valves opens when the ventricles of the heart contract. They allow passage while preventing back flow of blood. The closure o (MORE)
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What is the aortic semilunar valves function?

The aortic semilunar valves function is to close the left ventricleof the heart so the blood does not flow backwards into the heart.It is the one, with its partner the pulmona (MORE)