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Is seminar a profession?

Answer . A seminar is, generally, a form of academic instruction, either at a university or offered by a commercial or professional organization. It has the function of (MORE)

What are the advantages of seminars?

Answer     Seminars are the platform to meet the people with same interest and learn a lot at one clip with most material compressed in short. Some seminars have sess (MORE)
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Why do seminars fail?

  Seminars don't fail - even if you get one idea or are motivated by just being out of the office for the day - then the seminar is a success. Many one day seminars are de (MORE)

IT seminar topics?

For IT seminar, the topics could be: Cloud computing Android Ethical hacking or on any new technology .
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Importance of seminars?

Seminar help us to prepare for a job. There will be a professional who will be the guest speaker that will share his/ her knowledge and ideas in the topic you want.
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What is Empowered Seminars?

Empowered Seminars was started in January of 2010 by Dominique Edmond. Dominique is one of today's leading professional Business and Life Coaches. He is also one of most hig (MORE)
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Why seminar is important?

students must always attend seminars to enhance their knowledge and experiences that the program offers