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Is Newburgh Seminary a Good Seminary?

Yes.    Newburgh Seminary is excellent.    I completed my Master's with Newburgh. There were eighteen classes  associated with the program.    Newburgh i (MORE)

Is United Theological Seminary a legitimate seminary?

Yes, it is a legitimate seminary, and holds the appropriate  accreditation. The United Theological Seminary is accredited by the  Association of Theological Schools in the U (MORE)

What was Jesuit seminary?

A Jesuit seminary is any seminary either run by Jesuit priests orrun for the training of Jesuit priests.
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Are there free seminaries?

Yes . They ask for a free  will donation of any amount. You do not have to donate to  attend. It is online and inderdenominational.
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How long is seminary?

A seminary education can vary in length depending on the concentration or field of study. Most seminaries have their primary degree being Master of Divinity. While many semina (MORE)

Is Atlantic Seminary a good seminary?

I'm not sure if it's been in existence long enough to develop a reputation. Corporationwiki list it as a LIMITED LIABILITY company, a joint effort between three private invest (MORE)

What was the first seminary?

The first seminary was actually OJT - On the Job Training - in the earliest days of the Church. The apostles would take a candidate 'under their wings' and teach them, mostly (MORE)

What is seminary for the Mormans?

Teenage members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) are encouraged to attend Seminary classes. Seminary is usually held before or after sc (MORE)