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How can you send fax?

For email fax service, the process is just like sending an email. You need to indicate the number and extension or the online account or your recipient. You can even attach fi ( Full Answer )
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How do you send Email?

Easy, just go to a website that offers email such as google mail, aol or yahoo, register. After you register, open your email account, go to compose mail, enter the address ( Full Answer )
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How do you send a Email?

Go into email, click on new at the top somewhere, type in the email address of the person that you would like to send it to, type in your message in the box at the bottom and ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between send and send out?

'Send out' is for things that do not come back.. Send out the flyers.. Send is just the simple expression of the verb.. Send the kids to school.
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What is the difference between send in and send out?

According to the Oxford Adv. Learners' Dictionary:. send sb in = to order sb to go to a place to deal with a difficult situation: Troops were sent in to restore order.. se ( Full Answer )
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Send by copy and send by reference?

Send by copy may increase safety because the value rather than a reference to the location of the value is passed and therefore the original cannot be corrupted. However, if t ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between 'send for' and 'send to'?

Send for - Send something for someone else instead of that person doing it. Example: My boss tells me to send a package for her. I do the work, but the package came from my ( Full Answer )
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Will you send me?

There are many things that someone can send you. Someone can send you flowers, packages, mail or candies. There is no way to know if someone will send you something or not.
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Have not send or have not send?

have not sent-if you are talking about not doing someting in thepast (eg.I have not sent her an email yet,I must do it today)
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What is sends?

Sends is the third person singular form of the verb send send -- I send her flowers everyday sends -- She sends me chocolate sent -- I sent her flowers yesterday sending -- S ( Full Answer )