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What are the tragedy of the commons?

    The Tragedy   of the Commons was a study written by Garrett Hardin. Hardin argued that   humanity has created a society where people act upon their own inter (MORE)

Why is Othello a tragedy?

The classification of Shakespeare's plays as "Histories" "Comedies" and "Tragedies" was done by the publishers of the compilation known as The First Folio. In this edition, th (MORE)

What is a Shakespearean tragedy?

Shakespeare wrote tragedies during his whole career. One of his  earliest plays was the Roman tragedy Titus Andronicus, and then  Romeo and Juliet. . His other tragedies inc (MORE)
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What was the tragedy of Camelot?

the tragedy of Camelot is said to be when king Arthur's wife cheated on him with his best friend sir Lancelot and when king Arthur found out about the affair his spirit was cr (MORE)

How is the crucible a tragedy?

Arthur Miller's The Crucible is considered a tragedy for its saddening content involving accusation of former friends, revelation of the truth, and the internal struggle behin (MORE)

What are tragedies?

  Answer   a tragedy is like a hardship i guess you can call it that you go through in life and it can also be like trials that you go through an life.....for exampl (MORE)

What is revenge tragedy?

Revenge Tragedy is a technique used in plays. It involves the leading character avenging the death of a loved one. The most famous Revenge Tragedy is William Shakespeare's 'Ha (MORE)

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