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How big is coventry?

Coventry is the 9th largest city in England and the 11th largest in the United Kingdom and is 38.1 sq mi (98.64 km2) with a population of 309,800.

Why is one sent to coventry?

It's just an old saying. The saying comes from the Round Heads being sent to prison in Coventry. Their punishment, besides being imprisoned was not to be spoken to. They were (MORE)
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What services does Gumtree Coventry provide?

Gumtree Coventy is a free classified ad site for the UK. You can buy and sell things on the site free simply by placing an ad in your area. Ads can be placed free for 90 day (MORE)

What has the author Coventry Patmore written?

Coventry Patmore has written: 'The angel in the house' 'The angel in the house' 'The Victories of Love' 'The Children's Garland from the best poets' -- subject(s): Chi (MORE)