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What is the difference between separate and separate?

One of the words is a verb, "to separate", pronounced [sep-uh-reyt]. It defines the action of keeping things apart or dividing something. For example, Bob separated the two ap (MORE)
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How can you separate an element?

I think you heat it but I could be wrong, I looked on here but no one had answered it so I'll take a swing at it for all you out there who need an answer! But I think you boil (MORE)

When will separation be an answer?

  Separation is not the same as divorce. Often it can help heal wounds that would otherwise fester if both partners are in constant close proximity. Many times it's highly (MORE)
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How do you separate soda?

I did a science project to see what the effect of soda on meat was, and the effect of MEAT on Soda is that the soda separates from the fat and sugars, to the water. It's REALL (MORE)

Why Can Blood Be Separated?

Gravity allows blood to be separated. Blood is a mixture of Cells and Plasma. Each type of cell and the plasma "weigh" differently. Thus, the heavier more solid blood will sin (MORE)

How did the Earth separate into separate lands?

Well, at first the world formed Pangea, all one land. But then the Continential Drift took place, lasting over millions of years and then Pangea was split. Now we have our sev (MORE)