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What is Sephardi Jewish?

It's different from Ashkenazi in language and traditions. ________ Sephardi comes from Sepharad, the ancient name for Spain used by Jews.
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What are the Sephardi prayers for circumcision?

In most Sephardic communities, on the night before the circumcision, the men of the family and their friends gather to recite portions of the Zohar related to circumcision. Th (MORE)
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How many Sephardi Jews are there in Israel?

If by Sephardi Jews you mean Spanish Jews displaced following the Spanish inquisition, they and their descendents constitute somewhat less than 1,500,000 which is 25% of the J (MORE)

What are the differences between Sephardi Jews and Ashkenazi Jews?

Sephardi Jews traditionally come from Spanish speaking countries: Spain, Morocco. Jews from Portugal and Italy are also often considered Sephardi. Ashkenazi Jews traditionally (MORE)
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Why did the Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews develop different rituals and cultures?

distance . Answer 2 Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews all have the same beliefs, the sameHebrew Bible, the same Torah-commands, and the same Talmud. It isonly in the smallest det (MORE)
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Was Solomon a Sephardi Jew?

Sephardi is a term used to refer to Jews who live(d) in Sepharad, the ancient name for Spain, mainly after the Roman exile. As Solomon did not live in Spain, nor was from Spai (MORE)

What is the relationship between sephardis and Jews?

Sephardi is one major group of Jews, with family roots tracing back to Spain, China, Turkey, Iran, and other countries. The other major group is Ashkenazi, with roots tracing (MORE)
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How do Sephardi Jews differ from Jews?

Sephardi Jews differ from the more common Ashkenazi Jews in that  they are the descendants of Jews from the Iberian Peninsula up  until the Spanish Inquisition and the Arab (MORE)