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How is sepsis infection usually treated?

Sepsis treatment is usually treated by the administration of antibiotics. If there is a source of infection, such as a foreign body, it's removal is also part of the treatment (MORE)

What are the complications of neonatal sepsis?

Pneumonia is more common in early-onset sepsis, whereas meningitis and bacteremia are more common in late-onset sepsis. Premature and ill infants are more susceptible to sepsi (MORE)

What is the medication for severe sepsis?

With severe sepsis, you need to be in a hospital where you can get diagnosed as to what is causing the sepsis...then get hooked up to an IV of the proper antibiotic. Sometimes (MORE)
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What causes puerperal sepsis?

full topic about of puerperal sepsis in which topic include first of all . definition, causes , sign and symptoms , medical management , treatment , prevention , lab investiga (MORE)
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What does -sepsis mean?

SEPSIS is a potentially deadly medical condition that is characterized by a whole-body inflamatory state
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