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What is sepsis?

A bacterial infection of the bloodstream or body tissues. greek word for putrefaction Which is a systemic inflammatory response to infection, in which there is fever or hypoth (MORE)
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How do you get sepsis?

Sepsis is bacterial invasion in the blood stream. This caused bysevere infection that needs a broad spectrum antibioti
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What is puerperal sepsis?

Puerperal fever (from the Latin puer , child ), also called childbed fever , can develop into puerperal sepsis , which is a serious form of septicaemia contracted by a (MORE)
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What does -sepsis mean?

SEPSIS is a potentially deadly medical condition that is characterized by a whole-body inflamatory state
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How do people get sepsis?

\n. Sepsis is an older term for septicemia, which is an active infection in the blood stream. Sepsis can be caused by any infection (although it's usually bacterial in origi (MORE)
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When was sepsis cured?

Penicillin was the first miracle drug to cure the patient with sepsis in 1941. Florey and Chain treated the the patient with sepsis. The patient started to improve. But died e (MORE)