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Why is September called September?

  "Sept" is an extraction of the latin word for "seven". September was the seventh month in the ancient ten-month calendar. Some of the months were named for the gods, e.g (MORE)

What planet is visible next to the moon on September 2 2009?

  JUPITER will be easily visible all evening and on into the early morning hours during September. By mid to late evening it will be high in southern skies. It transits, s (MORE)

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Is September a verb?

No, because you cannot 'September'. September is a proper noun and a month, but definitely not a verb.
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How many days old are you if born on February 24 1989 and its September 2 2016?

10,053 days    -----------------------------------------------------------------    From 24 Feb 1989 to 23 Feb 2016 is 2016-1989 years = 27 years   Allowing (MORE)