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What is septic shock?

a life-threatening severe form of sepsis that usually results from the presence of bacteria and their toxins in the bloodstream and is characterized especially by persistent h (MORE)

What is septic tank?

A septic tank is a large tank that holds all the waste liquid from a house when there is no sewer in the street. The liquid settles in the tank and flows out a pipe at the oth (MORE)

What is a septic?

  This means that there is a presence in the blood or other tissues of pathogenic microorganisms or their toxins.
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Do you have to have a septic?

It depends on the laws and rules that apply where you live. If you are not on a city sewer system, a septic system is usually required to dispose of human waste underground to (MORE)

What can you do if you get septic arthritis?

  Septic arthritis, also known as infectious arthritis, may represent a direct invasion of joint space by various microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, mycobacteria (MORE)

Do septics have to be pumped out?

yes septic tanks should be pumped out, pumping removes the solids and fats that are settled out of the liquid, not pumping can send solids into the drianfield and result in co (MORE)

How does a septic work?

any thing that goes down the drain enters the septic tank, the tank allows the solids to settle out and lets the fluids move into the drainfield, the drainfield then allows th (MORE)

What is septic bacteria?

There are many types of bacteria that appear biologically in a septic system. Those that exist in the septic tank help to manage waste and organic substance. Septic bacteria n (MORE)