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How do you remove a stereo from a 2003 sequoia?

you can take it to a professional installer so you don't ruin the dash you can take it to a professional installer so you don't ruin the dash Oh this one is easy. You won't r (MORE)
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How did the Sequoia get its name?

The redwood was given its scientific name by Austrian biologistStephan Endlicher to honor Sequoyah, a Cherokee living in Oklahomawho created a syllabary representing all the s (MORE)
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Is sequoias a common noun?

Yes, the noun sequoia (plural sequoias) is a common noun, a word for any sequoia tree anywhere. A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for (MORE)

Is Sequoia a popular SUV?

Yes it is. Sequoia is a large SUV. The generous cabin space make  you feel like you are sitting in your living room. The seats are  ergonomically contoured and ventilated to (MORE)

How do you get a replacement key for your Toyota Sequoia?

The dealer can replace it using the VIN number. A competent locksmith can make keys for the vehicle. Depending on the year of the Sequoia, if all keys are lost, the dealer w (MORE)

Will a sequoia tree grow in Illinois?

yes, they like a lot of water (full grown ones take in about 1000 gallons a day.) the cold temperature doesnt effect them and is often considered good for the tree

Is a giant sequoia a dicot?

Short Answer Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) is neither a monocot nor a dicot. The terms "monocot" and "dicot" apply only to flowering plants. Sequoia are not flower (MORE)