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Where is the sequoia native?

Northern California The coastal redwoods are in northern California and the Giant Sequoias in the Sierra Nevada mountains in central California.
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How did the Sequoia get its name?

The redwood was given its scientific name by Austrian biologistStephan Endlicher to honor Sequoyah, a Cherokee living in Oklahomawho created a syllabary representing all the s ( Full Answer )
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Will a sequoia tree grow in Illinois?

yes, they like a lot of water (full grown ones take in about 1000 gallons a day.) the cold temperature doesnt effect them and is often considered good for the tree
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Is sequoia a type of tree?

Yes. This is from wikipedia: Sequoia sempervirens is the sole living species of the genus Sequoia . Common names include Coast Redwood and California Redwood.
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How do sequoias reproduce?

The trees have thousands of seed cones with tiny seeds inside. It's actually amazing to compare the tiny size of the seed to the giant tree.
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Is a giant sequoia a dicot?

Short Answer Giant Sequoia ( Sequoiadendron giganteum ) is neither a monocot nor a dicot. The terms "monocot" and "dicot" apply only to flowering plants. Sequoia are not flo ( Full Answer )
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Are there sequoias in California?

There are sequoias in the Sierra Nevada in Central California and on the coast from about Santa Cruz north. The Sierra mountains house the Giant Sequoias (biggest trees by vol ( Full Answer )
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Is a sequoia tree perennial plant?

Yes, any plant that has a life cycle longer than two years would be considered a perennial plant, although the term is more often used in reference to herbaceous (soft stemmed ( Full Answer )
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Is a sequoia a noun?

Yes, the word 'sequoia' is a noun ; a word for a type oftree; a word for a thing.