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What do winged seraphs mean?

A: The Hebrew name for the blacked-necked cobra is śārāf ('the one that burns'). Images of these serpents with four wings are found in ancient religious artefacts and name (MORE)
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What does seraph mean?

Seraphim are are celestial beings whom Isaiah saw standing before  the throne of God when he was called to his prophetic ministry.    They were seen by Isaiah as havin (MORE)

What is a winged seraph?

A seraph is a member of the class of celestial beings mentioned once in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh or Old Testament), in Isaiah. Later, Jewish imagery perceived them as having h (MORE)

How do you use the card seraph on wizard101?

I suppose the seraph treasure card you got on Unicorn Way? Well it's plainly simple, just go to your spell deck, click on the treasure card tab, and click on the seraph treasu (MORE)

What does seraph signify to the Francisco Order?

The word Seraph refers to a celestial being. In the likely order of  seraphim,s which are angels of the higest order in heaven that  stand before the throne of almighty God. (MORE)