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What does serenade mean?

In music terms, serenade usually means music or a performance that is performed in someone's honour. It means to play a musical performance for someone like a man plays his gu (MORE)
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What is secondhand serenade?

Secondhand Serenade is a band that was started by John Vessely. It is an acoustic rock band. The first album, 'Awake", was recorded by Vessely on his own. The second Album, "A (MORE)
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What is serenaded?

Serenaded is the past tense of 'serenade'. To serenade someone is to sing to them, at night, and usually beneath their window.
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What rhymes with serenade?

Words that rhyme with serenade are: grenade, afraid, arcade, arrayed, betrayed, blockade, brigade, cascade, conveyed, crusade, decade, decayed, degrade, delayed, dismayed, dis (MORE)
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What are the lyrics to schubert's serenade in Italian?

Nella calma della sera vien la mia canzon Una perfida preghiera calda di passion Della luna nel candour preme il bosco ner E prepara il nostro amore l'ombra ed il mister L'om (MORE)
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What is the theme of poem the moth's serenade?

The theme is love . Overall it speaks of an undying love that a moth has for a special something that you will find out when reading . The theme is love , passion , devotion a (MORE)
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How do you get serenade chip in megaman 3?

You need to beat all the Serenade Time Trials, in order to get the Serenade chip. It's only in White Version.