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What does serendipity mean?

Serendipity is the act of making a discovery by accident. Themeaning of serendipity has expanded in modern usage to includegenerally fortunate accidents. . John Cusack and Ka (MORE)
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Where is serendipity 3?

  Serendipity 3 is in the Upper East New York City. It is a cafe. They are famous for their frozen hot chocolate. On 60th street between 2nd and 3rd avenue.
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What is the opposite of 'serendipity'?

Zemblanity: (1) the occurrence of unhappy or unfortunate events by chance; (2) an unintended but unfortunate result of an action. Coined in 1998 by novelist William Boyd in hi (MORE)
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What is serendipity?

Serendipity occurs in a situation where something is found that was not expected to be found.
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What is the meaning of serendipity?

fortunate or chance discoveries accidentally, occurrences or events of such discoveries or instance or incident of making such a discovery
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Is serendipity a noun?

Yes, the word serendipity is a common, abstract, uncountable noun; a word for the occurrence of finding pleasant or useful things by chance.

How do you spell serendipities?

That is the correct spelling of the PLURAL NOUN "serendipities." (coincidences) The ADJECTIVE form, however, is "serendipitous" (through separate causes, accidental, coinciden (MORE)