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What does serendipity mean?

Serendipity is the act of making a discovery by accident. Themeaning of serendipity has expanded in modern usage to includegenerally fortunate accidents. . John Cusack and Ka (MORE)
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Where is serendipity 3?

Serendipity 3 is in the Upper East New York City. It is a cafe. They are famous for their frozen hot chocolate. On 60th street between 2nd and 3rd avenue.
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What is serendipity?

Serendipity occurs in a situation where something is found that was not expected to be found.
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What is a serendipity?

A serendipity is a pleasant, unexpected happening. It's like seeing a rainbow when it's raining.

What is serendipity in Italian?

'Per caso' or 'Per fortuna' may be Italian equivalents of 'serendipity'. 'Per caso' literally means 'by chance', and is pronounced 'pehr-KAH-soh'. 'Per fortuna' literally m (MORE)
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Is serendipity a noun?

Yes, the word serendipity is a common, abstract, uncountable noun; a word for the occurrence of finding pleasant or useful things by chance.