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What is Serfdom?

serfs where like slaves but they could leave serfdom is like slavery but the serfs could leave they just wouldn't have a place to live as they did being a serf to someones hom (MORE)

When did serfdom begin?

Answer Serfs (slaves) have been around for centuries. It was common practice to take men as slaves when they lost a battle or when their villages were raided. The word "serf (MORE)
In Russia

Who started serfdom in Russia?

Boris Godunov. A famine plagued Russia during his reign and as the peasants tried to leave the land, Godunov forced them to stay.

Why did serfdom come to an end in Europe?

There are several reasons. One would be the introduction of luxury goods (as a result of the Crusades). As luxury goods were introduced in Europe, lords and kings wanted goods (MORE)

When did serfdom stop in middle ages?

Serfdom ended at different times in different places. Also, it was pretty much long gone by the time it was formally and legally ended in many places. And in some places, such (MORE)

What was an economic reason for the institution of serfdom?

The answer differs depending on political and economic thought. Austrian economist would point out Nobel prize winner Frederick Hayek's work The Road to Serfdom. The main reas (MORE)