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Was Russia the last European country to abolish serfdom?

  It would possibly depend upon your definition of "Serfdom", but I believe the 1917 revolution and subsequent overthrow of the Tsar effectively ended Serfdom in Russia by (MORE)

Why did serfdom come to an end in Europe?

There are several reasons. One would be the introduction of luxury goods (as a result of the Crusades). As luxury goods were introduced in Europe, lords and kings wanted goods (MORE)

What change in agricultural practice allowed a family to leave serfdom and become tenant farmer instead?

Families were aloud to leave serfdom and become tenant  farmers because of the large improvements made in agricultural  production. Farmers gradually started to consolidate (MORE)

When serfdom was abolished what did most serfs become?

tenant farmers Serfdom was abolished in 1861 by Tsar Nicholas I. This was not true abolition, because the Russian government took some land away from the owners and compensate (MORE)