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What do the ATA interface standards define?

- How hard drives and other drives interface with a computer system (type of cables and connectors used by drives, motherboard or expansion cards) - Data speeds and transfer (MORE)

What does ATA stand for?

The term 'ATA' (Advanced Technology Attachment) is a measurement standard and an electronic method of transferring data between the hard drive and the rest of a computer.
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The difference between serial ATA hard drive and parallel ATA hard drive?

PATA or Parallel ATA, is the old standard for connecting Disk Drives, while SATA is the newer ones. PATA , in comparison with SATA, has 1) Bulky Connectors which could restric (MORE)

Why do you mentioning the boiler pressure in 'ata'?

Normal atmospheric pressure is abbreviated as atm. But when  computing for the amount of total pressure exerted on an object at  a specific depth or elevation, including nor (MORE)

Why are solid state drives better than Serial ATA?

Serial ATA, otherwise known as SATA is an interface used for  connecting optical drives, hard disk drives (aka hard drive), and  solid-state drives to the bus adapters for a (MORE)

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