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What is a serial killer?

A serial killer is a person who murders three or more people. They differ from mass murderers in that they have a cooling off period between kills. an example of a serial ki (MORE)

What is serialization?

  Serialization is the ability to easily store the state of an Object in memory onto some long-term medium (on a hard drive, for example). Basically, the Serializable inte (MORE)

What is serial?

Serial is a word used to point out something that is consisting of  or forming part of something in a series. It also can mean a story  or play that is regularly part of a m (MORE)

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What is a cracked serial?

A "Cracked Serial" is a serial number (normally for software) which has been obtained illegally. Asking for, Describing How, Or Submitting serials is illegal and doing so on (MORE)
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What are serial homologues?

A serial homologue is the multiple occurrence of the same structure in an organism, e.g. hair on a moose, leaves on a vine, segments on a centipede.

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