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What is a serial killer?

A serial killer is a person who murders three or more people. They differ from mass murderers in that they have a cooling off period between kills. an example of a serial ki (MORE)

What is serial?

Serial is a word used to point out something that is consisting of  or forming part of something in a series. It also can mean a story  or play that is regularly part of a m (MORE)

What is a serial file?

  A serial file is a type of computer file in which the data has been written to the file in sequence (like a phone directory).   Usually such files have to be read fro (MORE)

What is a serial connector?

    Serial connector term is used for an interface connector on which the protocol of data transfer is serial type. Serial data transfer means one electrical connectio (MORE)
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What is a serial entrepreneur?

A serial entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who starts a number of new businesses after having already started and exited previous business ventures
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What is a serial arsonist?

An arsonist is someone who likes to put things on fire. Not just like but sometimes obsessed by it, like an addiction. A serial arsonist is what the firefighters and police ta (MORE)

Difference between serial and non-serial schedule?

Serial Schedule | Non-Serial Schedule / A serial schedule is a sequence of operation by a set of concurrent transaction that preserves the order of operations in each of the i (MORE)